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Find the offer that best fits your needs.


    Every month
    22-week comprehensive C1 Advanced exam-preparation GROUP COURSE (€18/hr.)
    Valid for 6 months
    • 66 hours (3 hrs a week) of in-depth exam preparation
    • Comprehensive training in both exam CONTENT and exam FORMAT
    • Variety of official Cambridge exam preparation resources
    • Weekly exam practice + 3 mock exams
    • Grammar, Lexis, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing
    • Weekly self-study activities
    • Personalized oral and written feedback from the teacher
    • Exclusive support community via private Slack channel
    • Small international groups of 4-6 people
    • unlimited access to recordings and materials

    Every 5 weeks
    10 live GROUP SESSIONS of 90 min. (€20/hr.)
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Advanced discussion program (level C1/C2)
    • ten weekly 90-minute live sessions on Zoom
    • small international groups of 3-6 people
    • negotiated syllabus (YOU get to choose the topics!)
    • carefully selected high-quality authentic texts
    • weekly stimulating discussions on big societal issues
    • weekly written tasks
    • personalized written feedback
    • access to recordings and materials
    • private community space

    Every 4 weeks
    8 live GROUP SESSIONS of 90 minutes (€25/hr)
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Vocabulary, speaking, and writing booster for levels B2+/C1
    • weekly vocabulary activities, word lists, and quizzes
    • six engaging discussions and two presentations
    • supportive community
    • access to recordings and carefully selected materials
    • six weekly written tasks
    • personalized teacher feedback and error correction
    • small international groups of 3-6 people
  • 1:1 Tailored Program

    Every 5 weeks
    bespoke service (prepaid package of 10 live INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS of 60 min. - €35/hr.)
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 10 hours of customized live lessons
    • Personalized oral and written feedback
    • Support from the teacher by emails and/or private messages
    • Personalized study plan, tailored to your specific needs
    • Exam preparation: B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced
    • Help with Grammar
    • Pronunciation
    • Fluency and Accuracy development
Galleria Giorgio Franchetti
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The English language consists of roughly one million words. Can a person possibly know all those lexical items? Of course not. At least not in a lifetime, that is.


HOWEVER, the more we focus on how they naturally co-occur in chunks in authentic language, the higher the chance we’ll be able to quickly retrieve them as single units, rather than trying to combine them separately. That will inevitably result in faster, richer, more fluent, and more natural speech and writing.


This is why I’ve created an eight-week course, called LEX-PRESS YOURSELF, which teaches people how to effectively acquire lexis as it naturally occurs in compelling authentic texts, such as articles, extracts from books, videos, commentaries, talks, debates, and interviews, and eventually use it to express themselves in the best possible way.


And because all language skills are important and do not exist in isolation, all four skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) are given equal prominence during the course, so that vocabulary acquisition happens in a natural way through rich language input, varied language-focus practice, and personalized language use.


Here’s how it works:


Before each lesson, you will be sent two different texts (written and audio) on a topic chosen by the participants, along with some questions to stimulate a discussion during the live session. You will be encouraged to notice and record interesting lexis from the materials and share it during the session.


At the beginning of the live session, there will be a series of language focus tasks, based on one or both texts. These may include activities such as comparing various dictionary definitions, noticing patterns in example sentences, consulting corpora, looking up synonyms and antonyms in a thesaurus, exploring etymology, collocations, connotation, and register, as well as various contexts in which certain lexis is used, personalizing vocabulary through learner-generated sentences, paraphrasing, etc.


After the language-focus part, there will be a free-style discussion on the topic, which can be in the main room or in breakout rooms. Active use of the new lexis will be encouraged. Teacher and peer feedback will be provided during the session.


There will be a written assignment (an essay/letter/report/article) to encourage summarizing the views expressed in the materials and during the discussion, as well as to further consolidate the vocabulary which has emerged during the session. Personalized teacher feedback will be provided for each submitted written piece.


The recording of the session will be uploaded to Google Classroom, along with a Word document, containing the language that has emerged during the session, and the materials for the following week.


The following session will begin with a short vocabulary quiz, based on the lexis from the previous session, followed by another set of language-focus activities and another discussion on a different topic.


At the end of the month, after three topics have been discussed, instead of the weekly written assignment, each participant will have to deliver a five-to-ten-minute presentation on one of the discussed topics.


In between sessions, you will have access to a supportive community (on Slack) and will be able to ask questions, exchange information and opinion with the teacher and the other participants, and stay motivated and accountable.

  • Topics of choice, so that you can discuss things that are meaningful and relevant to YOU.

  • Carefully selected materials, so that you can receive stimulating and lexically rich input.

  • Weekly varied language-focus activities, so that you have plenty of opportunities to explore and acquire lexis, engage with it in an active way, and build an effective learning habit of noticing, exploring, recording, retrieving, memorizing, and consolidating new vocabulary through actual use.

  • A weekly Word document with all the interesting language that comes up during the lesson, so that you can further review lexis and grammar.

  • A weekly vocabulary quiz to help you track your progress and keep you accountable for your learning.

  • Weekly discussions and monthly presentations, so that you get lots of possibilities to develop both your interactional and presentational skills and build your confidence.

  • A weekly written task, so that you can hone your writing skills and consolidate the topical vocabulary you’ve learned.

  • Personalized written and spoken feedback from the teacher, so that you know what areas of language to improve.

  • Community space on Slack, so that you can stay connected, ask questions, exchange ideas and materials, be accountable, and get inspired by others.

  • Lesson recordings and access to all materials, so that you don’t miss anything in case you cannot attend, and so that you can rewatch and analyze your performance.

  • Continued all-year-round enrollment, so that you are free to join whenever you can.

  • Two payment installments, so that you can easily plan your monthly budget.

  • Small international groups of up to six people, so that everyone receives sufficient attention from the teacher and fairly distributed participation time.

Learn more here:


1:1 Tailored Lessons are a premium, bespoke service that includes anything, from the general improvement of your language skills to exam preparation, speaking and writing classes, presentations, help with grammar, etc.


  • Receive a detaled Needs Analysis, so you can set clear goals and negotiate a study plan, designed around your preferences and availability. 

  • Have your specific, personal needs met through a customized service.

  • Your choice of syllabus and learning materials.

  • Your own pace. ​

  • A more flexible schedule. 

  • Personalized oral and written feedback and error correction.

  • Access to extra support through emails or WhatsApp when needed.


ACE C1 ADVANCED is a 22-week comprehensive, intensive exam preparation group course. It is designed for people who already have a strong B2 level of English and the intention to sit the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam (formerly known as CAE) within the following six months. The course is comprised of 66 hours of live online sessions (3 hours per week) spread over a period of 22 weeks (October-March).

Here's what to expect and how it can BENEFIT you:

  • task-by-task guidance and practice, so that you would know the exam format inside out, know exactly what is expected of you in the exam, avoid all the traps, manage your time effectively, and score the maximum points.

  • lots of readymade cheat sheets and vocabulary lists (useful expressions for parts 1 and 4- phrasal verbs, idioms, fixed expressions), so you would expand your advanced vocabulary knowledge faster and know exactly what to study and how it’s tested throughout the exam.

  • tips and shortcuts on how to approach each task so that you would save precious time and energy on the day of the exam.

  • lists with formulaic language for writing and speaking, so that you would be ready to start speaking and writing with confidence.

  • an overview of the grammar tested in part 4 so that you would produce accurate answers which would gain you the optimal score.

  • lots of self-study and practice materials so that you would master each task, accelerate your performance time, and feel ready and less stressed on the day of the exam.

  • a wide variety of official Cambridge exam paper resources so that you would know exactly the right language and skills expected of you by the examiners and have fine-tuned practice.

  • personalized feedback on writing and speaking so that you would know exactly what areas to work on.

  • 3 mock exams so that you would have a clear picture of where you stand and whether you’re ready to sit the exam.

  • private community so that you can stay connected with the teacher and the other participants, exchange ideas and resources, get encouragement, and ask questions between lessons.


Learn more here:  


SPEAK YOUR MIND (C1-C2 Advanced Discussion Course) is only for adults of higher levels of proficiency. That is because participants are expected to be independent, fluent users of the language in order to benefit from the vast range of authentic materials used during the course.

The topics for this course are not the ones you normally find in a textbook. We discuss mostly deep, global, often controversial societal issues like Inequality, Discrimination (racism, gender inequality, ageism, ableism, etc.), Mental Health, Women’s Rights, LGBTQA+ rights, Freedom of Speech vs. Censorship, Freedom of Religion vs. Religious Extremism, Socio-Cultural Stereotypes, Domestic Violence, Coercive Control, Problems with the Education and Public Health Systems, Global Climate Crisis, Immigration, Geopolitics, The Role of AI, Privacy Issues, Ethical Choices (abortion, euthanasia, gene editing, the death penalty, gun control, etc.), current events, etc.

Before each lesson, you will be sent one or two videos to watch and an article to read for the next lesson’s topic, along with a few questions to help springboard the conversation. The materials will all come from authentic, reputable sources like The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Financial Times, The Economist, The Independent, The Conversation, Psychology Today, TED talks, podcasts, etc. We will use the latest news, articles, reports, podcasts, and commentaries on hotly debated topics and try to see the issue from various perspectives.

During the lesson, we will have a discussion, based on the information in the videos/articles, so it is essential for you to familiarize yourself with the texts and come to class prepared. We will exchange opinions and think of possible solutions in an open-minded and respectful discussion.


You will also be encouraged to submit a written piece (a summary of your ideas on the topic) to help you prepare for the discussion and to further practice and consolidate any new vocabulary. This is optional, but it is an excellent way for you to practice all four language skills during the course and make the most of the learning experience. You will receive personalized language feedback for any written piece.


Ten weeks, ten weekly 90-minute live sessions on Zoom, meaningful, intellectually stimulating discussions on important global issues and current affairs, and lots of learning and unlearning in between!


  • Move your English beyond the conventional, mundane dullness of small talk and dive into deeper, more meaningful, more stimulating conversations.

  • Learn more advanced, topic-specific vocabulary while exploring a wealth of high-level authentic materials, borrowing precise lexical phrases to use during the discussions and in your writing. 

  • Develop strong analytical and critical-thinking skills as you cross-read/listen through various reputable sources of information.

  • Deepen your understanding of complex global and societal issues.

  • Embrace controversy. Challenge yourself to unlearn limiting beliefs and common stereotypes.

  • Question your unconscious biases (we all have them!) and challenge yourself to look at the world through different perspectives, discovering the gray nuances in polarized, black-and-white opinions. 

  • Practice sharing your ideas and listening to what others are saying in a safe, relaxed, non-judgmental environment.

  • Connect with people from around the globe and boldly speak your mind about things that matter to you. 

  • Learn to communicate more effectively and use your English voice to make the world a better place.


Learn more here: 

Book a Free Consultation

Not sure which option best serves your needs? You need some more information?


No worries! Book a free 20-minute Zoom Discovery Call to discuss your current context and learning objectives with me, ask me any questions, and share your current goals and expectations. 

There are no strings attached at that point. Both sides are free to decide whether or not to work together.

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