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Advanced Discussion Course 10 weeks, 90-min sessions Discussing hot topics and current events.

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  • 270 euro
  • online

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Service Description

SPEAK YOUR MIND, C1-C2 Discussions are only for adults of higher levels of proficiency. That is because participants are expected to be independent, fluent users of the language in order to benefit from the vast range of authentic materials used during the course. The topics for this course are not the ones you normally find in a textbook. We discuss mostly deep, global, often controversial societal issues like Inequality, Discrimination (racism, gender inequality, ageism, ableism, etc.), Mental Health, Women’s Rights, LGBTQA+ rights, Freedom of Speech vs. Censorship, Freedom of Religion vs. Religious Extremism, Socio-Cultural Stereotypes, Domestic Violence and Coercive Control, Problems with the Education and Public Health Systems, The Global Climate Crisis, Immigration, Geopolitics, The Role of AI, Privacy Issues, Ethical Choices (abortion, euthanasia, gene editing, the death penalty, gun control, etc.), Homelessness and Poverty, important current events, etc. ​Before each lesson, you will be sent one or two videos to watch and an article to read for the next lesson’s topic, along with a few questions to help springboard the conversation. The materials will all come from authentic, reputable sources like The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Financial Times, The Economist, The Independent, The Conversation, Psychology Today, TED talks, podcasts, etc. We will use the latest news, articles, reports, podcasts, and commentaries on hotly debated topics and try to see the issue from various perspectives. ​During the lesson, we will have a discussion, based on the information in the videos/articles, so it is essential for you to familiarize yourself with the texts and come to class prepared. We will exchange opinions and think of possible solutions in an open-minded and respectful discussion. You will also be encouraged to submit a written piece (a summary of your ideas on the topic) to help you prepare for the discussion and to further practice and consolidate any new vocabulary. This is optional, but it is a good way for you to practice all four language skills during the course and make the most of the learning experience. You will receive personalized language feedback for any written piece. Ten weekly 90-minute live group sessions on Zoom. Meaningful, intellectually stimulating discussions on important global issues and current affairs. Lots of learning (and unlearning :)) in between!

Contact Details

Modica, Free municipal consortium of Ragusa, Italy

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