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Welcome to your authentic, meaningful, and effective English-learning experience!

Here’s the bottom line: English is not just an option for you, it's a must. You’re here because you want to continue to learn and evolve. You want to be a valued member of the vast international community of 1,5 billion English speakers and have access to a world of ideas and opportunities. You want to speak your mind in English freely and confidently and take part in big global discussions on burning issues.

I am here to help you bring your English to the next level. Over the past three decades, I have helped learners of all ages and contexts improve their English skills and see their lives transformed because of that, and I will help YOU too.

Who am I?




Hello! I'm Bistra, the founder of English with Bistra.


I help people level up their English so they can speak their minds in global debates.

"As a marketing manager in a global corporation, efficient English communication is key for me. It was a fantastic experience to take part in Bistra's Advanced Discussion Course not only to improve my fluency and accuracy but also to get a global perspective on current political and societal matters. Bistra is not only a fantastic teacher and expert in present affairs but also a very kind and erudite person. I'm extremely happy to give her my highest recommendation!"

Kristina Widmann, Marketing Manager, Germany

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"I´d like to express my happiness for having taken part in this course. It has definitely exceeded all my expectations! It went beyond just learning a list of vocabulary and practicing speaking. It was a safe space to talk about our deepest thoughts without being judged. And, as Bistra usually said, there were no right or wrong answers, only points of view.


During this course, I´ve learned so many things that opened my eyes; things that I was not aware of, and things about the world that broke my heart. The best part was I was lucky to share everything I thought with other brilliant, caring, incredible speakers of English from around the world. Bistra made sure that the space we shared every week was safe and enjoyable."

Lucia Lozano, accountant, Spain

"Thanks to the course, I made progress in different areas. I learnt general and specific vocabulary, especially related to societal problems. It also prompted me to read articles and watch videos that I would not have watched or read without the course. In this way, it triggered some reflections on certain aspects of each topic.

Doing the writing task undeniably helped me to better organize my thoughts. Before my C2 exam, I

tried hopelessly to improve my writing skills but to no avail. Thanks to the thought-provoking and

engaging subjects, as well as Bistra's tireless encouragement and feedback, I am now more confident in my writing ability."

Isabelle Altenbach, business owner, France

My teaching experience dates back to the early 90s and includes various ages and degrees of language instruction: ten years at state high schools in Bulgaria, another ten years teaching ESL and fifth grade at a US international school, and seven years working for private language schools and Cambridge exam centers in Italy. Since 2020, I have been working from home as a self-employed online English teacher, offering an alternative to the traditional, textbook-driven, teacher-centered, one-size-fits-all type of language learning.

I'm a Cambridge DELTA qualified English teacher with a Master’s degree in English Philology and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 

I was born in Bulgaria, but I currently live in Italy (sunny Sicily) with my husband. I'm trilingual: English, Bulgarian, and Italian, and have a pretty good understanding of Russian. 


In my spare time, you can find me reading, creating educational content on Instagram, watching movies, or trying out a new recipe. I find traveling, leisurely walks in the countryside, and meaningful conversations with open-minded people from around the world extremely invigorating.

Working from Home
How Can I Help You?

Whether you are looking to improve the overall level of your English and gain more clarity and confidence as you communicate with other speakers of the language, or you have specific needs like passing an English exam and certifying your level of proficiency or preparing for a job interview or an important presentation, my goal is to help you reach yours.


I will not lie to you by promising “quick and easy” results. I will provide the tools you need and help you make the most of your time and resources to get as close as possible to your final learning objective. What I offer is not just English lessons, but an authentic, meaningful, and enjoyable learning experience. It is my professional expertise, extensive teaching experience, and unique personality, combined with your determination, personal investment, and consistency that will guarantee you a fruitful outcome.

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Working from Home
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