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Speak your mind!

Hi! I'm Bistra and I help curious, open-minded adults level up their English and confidently speak their minds in global conversations.

I help you...

... take ownership of your English voice and boldly use it in global conversations on any topic to connect with people from around the world and make a difference.

... discover the joy of meaningful learning and become more autonomous by making good use of a myriad of wonderful tools and resources at your disposal.

... take your English to the next level and unlock doors of countless opportunities:​​

  • ace that challenging English exam

  • grab that career opportunity you've been waiting for too long

  • study at your dream university

  • live and work abroad and create the life YOU want

  • meet the Love of your life

  • enjoy your favorite songs, books, movies, shows, and TV series in English

  • travel around the globe and meet new people from various cultures and backgrounds

  • keep in touch with the latest global news and trends

  • surf the Internet with ease, finding all the information you need for your research

  • learn new skills

  • be a part of a network of like-minded professionals from around the world

  • volunteer for global charity organizations and make a REAL change in this world

  • create your ideal future self

  • make your voice count 

My Values...

FREEDOM has always been a core value of mine. I firmly believe that people should be their authentic selves, free to express their opinions and decide what to study and how to study.


This is why I offer 1:1 classes and group programs where the syllabus is negotiated with you and tailored to meet your personal needs and preferences, allowing YOU to have a say about the course topics and format, making your learning more relevant and meaningful.

I believe in promoting AUTONOMY and LIFE-LONG GROWTH. I will help you take ownership of your studies, teaching you how to build learning habits and eventually become a more independent learner.

My final goal as a teacher is to help you find joy in learning and gain the skills and confidence to continue the journey by yourself.

Finally, I seek to establish a GENUINE CONNECTION with my clients. Building rapport, based on mutual trust and respect, is essential to be able to work together.

I care about who you are as a person, and I want you to feel welcome and at ease during our lessons. I believe that a friendly, relaxed environment contributes to increased motivation and a more stimulating learning experience.

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What my clients say...
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"As a marketing manager in a global corporation, efficient English communication is key for me. It was a fantastic experience to take part in Bistra's Advanced Discussion Course not only to improve my fluency and accuracy but also to get a global perspective on current political and societal matters.


Bistra is not only a fantastic teacher and expert in present affairs but also a very kind and erudite person. I'm extremely happy to give her my highest recommendation!"



Kristina Widmann, Germany (Speak Your Mind, Advanced Discussion Course)



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  • why the topic of tattoos

  • the history of tattoos (article)

  • questions for reflection/discussion

  • a short documentary on the rise in the popularity of tattoos

  • vocabulary list from the video (level B1/B2)

  • an interview with a tattoo artist

  • a video about the psychology behind body art

  • more questions to springboard a discussion about the tattoo stigma

  • an article on how workplaces are phasing out the tattoo stigma

  • vocabulary list from the article (level C1/C2)

  • a real-life task

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